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About The Custom Foot

Since 1987 The Custom Foot has been making feet comfortable in a variety of activities and is long time member of "America's Best Bootfitters"

Named in Ski Magazine’s list of “Top 15 Best Bootfitters”

Owner Lee Kinney opened The Custom Foot in 1987 when the traditional leather boot technology of Nordic and tele-skiing, mountaineering and hiking remained separate from plastic Alpine boot technology. Through the years, as the two technologies have become blended, and as stiff, bulky footwear began to span many sports, The Custom Foot’s work has grown progressively more important.

Lee’s extensive travels have allowed him to cultivate close ties to suppliers in France, Germany, Italy, Canada and the U.S., and he continues to search the world for more sophisticated products, methodologies and materials that add performance and comfort.

With The Custom Foot reaching the milestone of 25 exemplary years of service in the Denver metro area, its focus continues to widen from the mountain environment to other sports and activities. Athletes across the region have put their feet in the hands of the shop’s experts and, increasingly, referrals from podiatrists, chiropractors, massage therapists and coaches are finding the help they need from The Custom Foot.

Lee Kinney

Lee's first visit to Indian Peaks, 1969

Lee Kinney opened The Custom Foot in Denver after more than a decade in the outdoor industry in Idaho and Colorado. In the late ‘90s, he moved the shop to Englewood, a south Denver suburb. Extensive training and a certificate from Masterfit University, combined with annual trips to train with manufacturers in Europe and beyond, have kept him at the forefront of footbed and footwear technology.

Lee’s hallmark is exceptional customer service and attention to detail. He continues to add to an ever-growing customer base, while welcoming return customers from the late ‘80s who continue to seek out The Custom Foot’s personalized services and laid-back atmosphere.

When not manning the shop, Lee is off hiking, skiing or flyfishing in the Colorado backcountry – and he’s willing to disclose some of his favorite getaway spots to his customers.


Lee on his first visit to Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, 1969

Andrew Wagner

Andrew Wagner is an Adult Fitness Specialist holding a degree from Metropolitan State University Denver (MSUD) in Exercise Physiology as well as a level 3 coaching certification from the United States Cycling Association (USAC). He has been involved in outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, running, golf, fishing and hunting his entire lifebut his true passion is cycling. He has been a cycling enthusiast ever since his training wheels came off at age 3. He began participating in charity rides like the MS 150 and Tour de Cure when he was 11 and began racing road bikes at 13. After many years of competing as an elite junior racer he attended Fort Lewis College where he raced on the 20+ time National champion collegiate cycling team.At Fort Lewis he devoted himself solely to cycling at which point he became aware of the potential there was in cycling and fitness other than as a racer and athlete. It was at this juncture he changed majors from Forestry to Exercise Science. Seeing the need for educated coaches and quality training for endurance athletes he applied to the Exercise Physiology program at MSUD in 2008 where he felt he could earn the best education for a future in cycling.

While obtaining his bachelors degree he worked at a bike shop as a mechanic during the summer and a ski store as a boot fitter during the winter. As he became more knowledgeable about human anatomy through his schoolwork he was referred to Lee at The Custom Foot as a potential new employee through a mutual friend. After working at the Custom Foot as a boot fitter for several years witnessing the benefit quality orthotics make not only in ski boots but other environments he began

 learning the technique behind the construction of orthotics. Pairing the knowledge he acquired from several kinesiology and biomechanics classis at MSUD with foot/ankle and leg evaluation techniques he learned from Lee and SIDAS, he began constructing custom ski foot beds.

Building upon his knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics he quickly advanced from constructing ski foot beds to creating custom orthotics for a variety of environments but his specialty is cycling orthotics. Through his work at bikes shops, his involvement in cycling as a coach and racer and participating in several bike fit clinics Andrew is able to maximize a cyclist on bike efficiency, comfort and power by aligning the cyclists ankle, knee and hip through the use of custom cycling specific orthotics.


Andrew and his wife Melissa vacationing in Vancouver








Andrew and his wife Melissa off the coast of Vancouver Island



Although drop in are always welcome to talk about the orthotic process and shop new boots and shoes To provide personal service and attention to detail Custom fitting and Orthotics are done by appointment.

To set up an appointment with Lee or Andrew 

Call 303-761-4002