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The Custom Foot Custom Orthotics


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While orthotics and custom foot beds come in a variety of types and styles what sets quality orthotics apart from the rest is the sophistication of the materials and the process of which they are created. Because we utilize state of the art technologies and receive the highest-level education and training we are able to create extremely high quality orthotics that most effectively support your feet while providing cushion, flexibility and comfort THE CUSTOM FOOT, just like in 1987 has remained a step above the rest in producing spacific use orthotics.

Since 1987 THE CUSTOM FOOT has built orthotics and custom foot-beds using state of the art materials specific to the environment of intended use. So whether you’re a hiker, runner, cyclist, skier, golfer, have a referral from you Doctor or your looking for relief from Plantar Fasciitis when nothing else has worked we use materials that are designed to be firm, but flexible maximizing your efficiency, performance, comfort and alignment. While different environments and activity require different materials the overriding consideration is for support that allows your feet to perform its full range of functions.

Although it is the materials that allow your feet to keep their key functions it is the process by which the materials are molded to your feet that allows the orthotics to maximize your bodies capabilities. The materials are molded in a vacuumed imprint of the foot while it is monitored in a biomechanically neutral position. Then the materials are adhered together, shaped to support your foot in its neutral position then trimmed to fit your shoes/boots by the same person (lee or Andrew) who originally molded the materials.

This Neutral Position is the key because it aligns your foot, ankle, Knee, and Hip into their ideal positions in relation to one another. In this position we are able to maximize your lower bodies functions as a support device, a lever, a shock absorber, and a sensory transmitter. When these functions are maximized and your body is aligned properly your muscles can switch focus from support to producing movement. Whether that’s pushing a pedal, climbing a mountain or walking around town you will be more efficient and that efficiency means you will be able to go farther faster.

The precision and durability of the materials has increased significantly since 1987, but the concept of supporting the foot neutrally and respecting its functions has always been our focus.

For specific question about our orthotics or our process please feel free to call and talk to Lee or Andrew.