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The Custom Foot Services

Feet can feel the impact of forces up to 8x your body weight during exercise.

Almost everyone has some kind of foot flaw which can lead to faulty foot mechanics causeing, missalignments, inbalences, instability and even pain.

Orthotics and custom footbeds

Generic insoles that come in most shoes and boots offer minimal support, if any at all. They are generally provided in new shoes and boots to be placeholders for a more custimized, precisely fitting and supportive foot-bed or orthotic, so most manufatures put very little tought into them. Because of this replacing factory insoles with a custom foot-bed/orthotic is key to not just comfort but allso optimizing you bodys performace, effeciency and endurace. A quality made custom foot-bed or orthotic will stabilize and support you foot and ankle in a biomicanically nutral postition which in turn will align the bones in your knee, hip and spin into a more biomechanically correct, efficient position. There are many benifits when your  body is supporting in propor alignment, including; improved muscle efficiancy delaying the onset of fatigue, injury prevention, and pain reduction from excisting injures like plantar fasiitis, Neromas, and many other commor foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back alments.

Modifing footwear

Once your foot is stabilized within your shoe/boot The Custom Foot can more effectively modify your foot wear to provide the perfect platform to give you increased comfort, endurance and performance. We are skilled in modifying a veriaty of footwear, including; hiking/ mountaineering boots, ski boots and casuall walking and dress shoes/boots. So whether we need to rejuvinate a ski buy by replacing a packed out liner or make room for bunions and 6th toes in your favorite hiking boots we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time.

Custom fitting by appointment

Call 303-761-4002

To provide time for personal service and attention to detail, orthotics and custom fittings are by appointment only:

  • Allow 2-3 hours for custom foot beds or orthotics
  • Allow up to 3 1/2 hours for foot beds AND boot modifications
  • Be sure to bring your shoes/boots and socks
  • Wear shorts or clothing that can expose the lower leg

While we stock several lines of hiking boots, walking/running shoes and ski boots The Custom Foot’s primary focus is on making your feet and current footwear work for you.