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The Custom Foot Testimonials

What Our Customers are Saying

Eric J., Denver

“The folks at Custom Foot are super knowledgeable about ski boots and foot anatomy.”

‘Flat Foot’ Steve S.

“I’ve been telling anyone who will listen about what you’ve been able to do for me and recommending you to all my friends.”

Wendy S.

“I am now doing all the things the doctors told me I should never do again, and with a whole different attitude of gratitude. Thanks to your help, I will be hiking up Machu Picchu this time next year – without canes! Thank you, Lee, for helping me get my life back.”

Dr. Marc Garfinkel, Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Sports Practitioners

As a sports chiropractor my reputation depends on recommending the highest quality orthotics. That's why I recommend orthotics made by Custom Foot. They use a machine called the SIDAS VAC system made in France. There are only a few of these units in the United States, so athletes who live in this area are very fortunate to have them near by. The SIDAS VAC system is capable of creating an exact negative of your foot while standing. From this negative materials are artfully molded and crafted. The materials used in the orthotic are pliable yet supportive unlike the hard shell versions that don't allow for the foot's many joint movements. Lee Kinney the owner creates these orthotics combining old world craftsmanship with state of the art technology. It is the best of both worlds.

Daniel J. Macfarlane, D.P.M.

I have referred patients to The Custom Foot for several years.  Lee Kinney is very knowledgeable regarding my patient's needs for custom inserts.  I highly recommend him. 

Mark Manniko, Master Sales Guide

The orthotics are great!  There is a noticeable difference. Unfortunately my knee has more problems but these will help me avoid further injury. Thanks for the good work!


Finally we made it with the boots. I went up to Quandary Peak a couple of weeks ago, and up to Pikes Peak today. The boots were perfect on both the hike up and on the skiing down. Even though that we had to punch them out several times I still love them and have always done that. Buying these boots is one of the best thing that I have done for improving my skiing. From one day to the other I could feel a huge difference. I have much more control over my skis than I used to have. I must say that I’m quite impressed by how much influence a pair of boots have on skiing.

And again, what a great new store you have gotten. Everything is much better in every way. Congratulations

Jim Elles

Just wanted to thank John and you for guiding me through the purchase and fitting of my DaleBoots.  You were totally right and on target, especially with the slight difference between my feet and Day1 vs. Day 2.  They were a total comfort to ski in and were very supportive, especially with the toe problem.  Needless to say your custom fit and footbed worked wonders.  Please feel free to use this as you wish.  Again, thanks for everything and good luck with your new location.

Marc Smith, Peyton, CO

I first contacted you back in February about finding Kayland boots in my area.  I contacted Lee at The Custom Foot and he ordered them in for me.  I finally made it up there to his store in Englewood today.  I have to say I love the boots,  They fit great and the design is exactly what I was looking for.  More importantly the service and expertise of Lee and John was astounding.  We became immediate friends.  The custom foot beds Lee crafted for me are absolutely amazing.  I can not wait to get into the back country of the Colorado wilderness and try them out.  Thank You so much for suggesting The Custom Foot and introducing me to Lee. 

Jim Goodman

I just wanted to thank you for your help and expertise in getting my ski boots to fit properly during my visit to Denver from North Carolina.  I had been an aggressive expert skier in my youth spent a lot of time in the steep and deep of the Rockies. I was worried that after fattening up and an almost 20 year layoff, my skiing would be a pitiful shell of what it once was.  My new but ill-fitting, shin-banging boots were transformed by you into comfortable performance machines.  It was like riding a bike, and it felt great to be a 55 year old fart and be able to smoke those whippersnapper kids down the hill, just like the old days.

I will recommend you to everyone I know; and when the time comes to get new gear, I’ll be making the pilgrimage to Denver to buy directly from you. Thanks so much. 


Gene Barron


Just wanted you to know that the boot fitting worked perfectly. I still have that calcium deposit on the back of my left heel but skied 41 days this year and it never once bothered me and it didn't appear to get any larger. Appreciate you and your skills and the help you have been. 

Have a great summer.