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We are an ABB Certified Shop and provide…
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Lee Kinney has more than 30 years experience in custom fitting and custom foot solutions.


Ski Boot Fitting

Ski boots can be a difficult environment for a foot. With their hard shells, liners designed to as many foot shapes as possible, and generic footbeds with minimal, if any support, ski boots can lead to cramped feet and a miserable ski day. But with proper support and pressure distribution, it is possible to have better performance, comfortable warm feet and knees that don’t ache. Custom footbeds provide the foundation to build on, offering natural alignment, even pressure, and materials that offer firm but flexible support. Liners can be modified or replaced with custom molded ones, and shells can be reshaped to accommodate unusual shapes. Although ski boots will never be sandals, it is possible to have warm comfortable feet.

Foot Solutions

In addition to making custom footbeds for mountain activities, we offer the same support and comfort for a variety of activities, including everyday use. These are full length supports of a firm but flexible material made in the same manner as our footbeds destined for higher and steeper places. They are generally interchangeable among various shoes.

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The Custom Foot sells great new equipment, but we take pride in making your current footwear more comfortable and efficient. We can help repurpose your gear to enhance the performance of your equipment.

Just ask Lee how! 


Hey Lee,

Just wanted to say thank you for my new orthodics. After spending $10,000.00 on doctors, xrays, an MRI, multiple shots, having my knee drained and wrapped and braced for months - none of which helped with my knee problems - I had the best "aha" moment when I remembered The Custom Foot. I had been told by 4 different specialists that my knee problems had nothing to do with my feet, and that I should stop walking, pilates, yoga and start using canes. None of these "prescriptions" were ever what I thought I would have to deal with. And, thanks to you, they are not. My only regret is that I did not think of you sooner. I am now doing all the things the doctors told me I should never do again, and with a whole different attitude of gratitude. Thanks to your help, I will be hiking up Machu Picchu this time next year - without canes! Thank you Lee for helping me get my life back.


Wendy S.

Hey guys - just a quick happy-holidays and thanks for the boots you put together for me last year - they're still skiing great. I've been out roughly 12 days this year, about 45 last year. So far, snow has been great (as I'm sure you're aware), and I've had zero foot issues this year - warm, skiing is excellent, etc.

I really appreciate what you did! It was an eye opening experience, watching both of you go through the measure/make/fit process of the Daleboots, worlds different than the typical ski workshop experience (shhh, umm, I did not say that, the Christy Sports bootfitters are, umm, yeah, what were we talking about?), and the results show.

Maybe the ski-shop formula (pick a color, shell size, slap a footbed in, go ski) works for some people. Not me: I tried it several times, same results each time. The boot skied well - just like the Daleboots - but hurt the rest of the time - not at all like the Daleboots.

Hrmph. Anyway - thanks again. A season and a bit with no pain, no frozen toes AND doing everything I ask of them? No other boot has done that for me. I really appreciate it!

Iain M.

Lee: Thanks so much for your work last Saturday to fit me with new custom footbeds and custom liners. I've skiied a couple of days on these and they feel great!

What a huge change. No more pain on the sides of my feet and yet the bots feel totally solid on my feet. I have better control, my heels are staying down better - it's as if the bunions on my heels are acting like anchors to hold my heels into the custom liner.

I didn't realize how tentatively I was skiing because my feet hurt so bad. You can ski on almost any snow conditions and with almost any pair of skis, but if your feet hurt there's no way. It had gotten to the point that I could hardly walk from the slopes to my car at the end of the day.

I've been telling anyone who will listen about what you've been able to do for me and recommending you to all my friends.

I'll come in sometime this next month to pick up the old footbeds.

Thank you!

"Flat Foot" Steve S.

You guys have done some wonders for my feet with the last couple of seasons. My wife is now interested in getting into some AT boots, bindings and skis along with custom fitting boots. I am not sure about the difference with that and Rondonee type things but at the end of the day, here's what I need:

A pair of your custom fit AT boots.

A pair of bindings that you can cross country in and then snap into the heal and go down hill.

A set of skis and poles.

I am still so happy with my two sets of foot beds you got me and the boots.

Cody W.

"Lee, the Footbeds you made for my fly fishing wading shoes have completely solved the problem I was having with the pain in my feet after fishing all day. The problem hasn't come back.

Thanks a bunch for your help."

Brian B.

"Lee, thanks to your boot liners we had warm feet the whole time on Denali - 20.320 feet."

Kathee T., Gary S. and Mark M., Outdoor Enthusiasts at Summit of Denali 20,320 ft. June 9, 1998

"As an avid runner, one of my ultimate goals was to run the Boston Marathon. However, it seemed less and less likely to happen because of my chronic foot problems. I had tried several over-the-counter and prescription orthotics, but nothing seemed to work for me. A friend recommended The Custom Foot and I reluctantly tried it out as a kind of 'last shot'. With Lee's help and the custom footbeds he made for me, I was running injury free again. I was able to increase my training and qualified for Boston in 2005. I ran Boston and accomplished a lifelong goal in 2006!
I know I couldn't have done it without Lee's help. Thank you Lee!"

Greg C.